Blackpool Parents' Education Survey
Montgomery High School
How do you feel about your child's learning? Please take 5 minutes to let us know
how you feel about their mindset and their schooling.
About This Survey

This survey consists of around 30 statements in 3 sections. It is designed to help improve your child's learning environment based on your feedback.

Please answer each question with a rating of how much you agree, on a scale of 1-5. 
1 = Strongly Disagree  2 = Disagree  3 = Undecided  4 = Agree  5 = Strongly Agree

The survey is anonymous so that you can give your honest thoughts.
First we just need a few basic details...

How many children do you currently have at the school? *

What year group is your OLDEST child at this school in? *

(IMPORTANT: Please think about this child for all of the following questions that refer to a specific child.)

What is the gender of your child? *

Your thoughts on the school | I think that...

... Parent evenings are worth attending.

... I would recommend this school to another parent.

... Teachers believe in my child and expect them to be successful.

... Teachers care about my child's problems and feelings.

... Teachers let me know what my child does well in school.

... This school responds well to any concerns I raise.

... I know the goals my child's school is working on this year.

... Teachers encourage my child to make decisions.

How do you think your child feels? | I think that...

... My child feels that they have control over their own life.

... My child is able to control their own emotions.

... My child is confident in their abilities.

... My child is comfortable talking in groups.

... My child is afraid to try something if they think they may fail.

... My child is excited about their future.

... My child is happy at this school.

... My child knows the kind of person they want to become.

... My child learns things that are interesting to them at school.

... My child likes challenging assignments.

... My child tries their best at school.

... My child sets high goals.

... My child's classes help them understand what is happening in their everyday life.

How do you feel about education in general? | I think that...

... I care about my child's education.

... What I learned in school benefits me today.

... I am a positive role model for my child.

... I am afraid to try something if I think I may fail.

... What my child learns in school will benefit their future.

... I can make a difference in this world.

... My child can be successful.

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